With our Check Deposit Software, DepositChecks can make your remote deposits in your checking or savings account from the convenience of your home, store or office! Only a small percentage of financial institutions offer a remote check processing service to their merchants. Good News: we work with all banks and credit unions and will deposit your funds "NEXT DAY" into your existing account.

Depositing a check is an easy and common process, but if the check is not properly prepared beforehand, the deposit could be longer and more involved than necessary.

QuickBooks Check Processing is now Available!

Deposit A Check

Before depositing a check, ensure that the check is valid. Carefully examine all of the entries on the front of the check. Are all blank elements completed? Are they complete, accurate and true? Do the numerical and hand-written amount entries match? Are the issuing account and routing numbers imprinted and legible? Did the issuer sign the check? If those items are in order, check the back. Is the cashing endorsement or signature present and valid? If the back entries are acceptable, complete a deposit slip for the teller.

Deposit Slip Entries

If you are using a pre-printed deposit slip, your name and address are already noted on the slip. If using a counter deposit slip issued by the depository bank, enter all required information in the noted areas. The routing and account numbers on a pre-printed slip identify into whose account the check funds will be deposited and credited. If your routing number and account number are not present, legibly print them on the counter deposit slip. Next, complete the columns on the right-hand side with the amount of each each deposited and the total deposit less any back requested, and the net total of the deposit. If the sole check being presented is for $150.00 and the entire amount is deposited, in the check row, enter the check number if possible, and then enter the total amount of the check.

Hints for Depositing a Check

  • For check safety reasons, do not sign or endorse the back of the check until at the bank teller counter.
  • Have your identification out and ready for the teller.
  • Double-check the math - Incorrect addition or subtraction are the number one reason for most common delays in the deposit process. Many banks and credit unions have small calculators available in their ticket preparation area. Do not be afraid to use them.
  • Present the deposit slip and the endorsed check(s) to the cashier with valid and current photo identification.

How it works

Process all types of U.S. checks, drawn on any bank or credit union that is a Federal Reserve member, including personal checks, business checks, government checks and warrants, money orders and traveler's checks over the Internet. Using check truncation, the paper checks never leave your office and, in fact, should be destroyed after the successful deposit of funds into your bank.

The use of electronic check conversion - also known as Check 21, Accounts Receivable Check (ARC), Point of Purchase (POP), or Back Office Conversion (BOC) in banking terms - is among the fastest growing types of ACH applications due to its enormous benefits. Using our proprietary Internet-based Back office conversion "Remote Deposit Capture" software and check scanning reader, you can scan conventional paper checks and transform them into an electronic check deposit. The software also stores the check data and check images in a database for future research and retrieval, re-submission of NSF checks and more.

You accept many checks each month from customers. Currently, you would have to look up each customer account, apply the payment to the account, stamp the check for deposit, create a deposit slip, drive to the bank, stand in a long line and make the deposit. On top of this, your bank will typically charge an "item deposit fee" for every check you deposit. Too time consuming and too expensive!

Why would you want to convert a paper check?

By converting that paper check into an electronic transaction, things are much simpler, faster, and more economical: First, you scan the customer's check. The customer account information is automatically displayed for existing customers, linking the payment to that customer. Then just enter the amount of the check into the software. You repeat this for every check you receive. Your deposit is now complete! What could be easier?

  • Process up to 100 checks PER MINUTE
    Deposit Checks into Multiple Accounts
    Deposit Checks from Multiple Locations
    Online, Real-time reports for easy Bank Reconciliations
    Automatically Match each check you scan to the invoice it's paying
    Use the "memory" function for faster identification of customer's you have done business with in the past
    Check for errors or duplicate entries automatically every time you make a deposit
    Resubmit NSF checks Automatically
    Dynamic Report Generator
    • Choose Any / All Data
    • Choose Any Date Range
    • Save as a template or view one-time and even share with staff members online
    Works with QuickBooks® software 2002 and newer (Not online version)

    Electronic Check (eChecks)

    Our Payment Gateway / Virtual Terminal allows you the capability of performing, Recurring Payments and One-Time Payments, Checks-by-Phone, etc. Complete online real-time reporting. Also perform Check Conversion and Credit Card Transactions with our Electronic Check processing payment gateway. You can accept echecks on your website using one of our integrated Shopping Carts.

    High Risk ACH & Check Processing

    Use our Check 21 software to process "Virtual Check 21" transactions. This in-house system allows online and offline merchants to create, print and submit demand draft documents to their bank of deposit. This process which removes transactions from the ACH (Automated Clearing House) rules and therefore transactions are not subject to NACHA (The Electronic Payments Association) rules, regulations, fees and fines.

    Our in-house Check-21 and Electronic Check experts are standing ready to help you make an informed decision to move your company's payment processing forward.

    Allow us to offer and create an electronic payment processing program to provide you access to your funds in an expeditious manner.

    Our in-house Electronic Check experts are standing ready to help you make an informed decision to move your company's payment processing forward.

    Allow us to offer and create an electronic payment processing program to provide you access to your funds in an expeditious manner.

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